How to Remove Your Car's History from BidFax and Other Websites?

Do you want to remove your car's history from the internet, especially from websites like BidFax,,, and others? If so, you're in the right place. We specialize in data processing and privacy protection, and we're here to help you clean your car's VIN and history. Here's how our service works and why it could be beneficial to you.

Our Process

Our VIN cleaning service works with over 70 partner websites, including en.bidfax,,, autoconsultant, bidhistory, autoauctionspot, autoastat, autohelperbot,, carfaste.xpress,,, autoauctionhistory, and more.

These websites provide free or paid access to salvage auction histories from Copart and IAAI. Due to our partnership, we can erase records from these sites and clear Google information, such as pictures, prices, and mileage.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit our website and select the VIN cleaning service.
  2. Input your car's VIN and any other necessary details.
  3. Pay the applicable VIN cleaning service cost.
  4. We will start the removal process immediately, targeting both the partner websites and Google listings.
  5. Usually, the process completes within a few days, ensuring a clean VIN history.

The Benefits

Clearing your car's history online has several benefits:

Accuracy: Sometimes, there are errors in the auction listings like incorrect mileage or damage reports. Removing these incorrect details can ensure that the online history of your car is accurate.

Privacy: By using our VIN removal online service, you can protect your privacy. We delete the sale price and other private details that you may not want to be public.

Clean VIN: A clean VIN history can help if you plan to sell the car in the future. Prospective buyers might look up the VIN online, and a clean history can be appealing.

In conclusion, if you want to remove car history and have a clean VIN in the USA or elsewhere, our service can help. We offer a quick, efficient, and thorough VIN cleaning service that respects your privacy and ensures the accuracy of your car's online records. Don't let incorrect or private information linger on the web - consider a professional VIN cleaner service today.